Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Spring 1809 Napoleonic action Part two

Mid-way thru the battle and the French are in attack position. At that moment, disaster struck. A 3lb Grenz battery rolled a 12 on 2d6, the result of which was the immediate death of the leading French brigade, GdB Leisure. The following turn, three French brigades (including Colbert's cavalry, became Hesitant. At least Leisure's brigade rallied from Falter. This proved to considerably slow the French advance down. Coehorn's brigade continued to push on the Austrian right, forcing one Austrian unit to Retreat, and then suffering the same fate from an Austrian counterattack. French columns were snaking around the woods to the right as well. Still, French casualties were moderately heavy on this flank. On the Austrian left flank, the O'Reilly Chevaulegers took advantage of the French heaitation and promptly attacked, routing a unit of Hussars and throwing the French cavalry into Falter. Finally, by the beginning of Turn 8, French infantry was advancing to the attack onto the center town. The defenders belched musketry from the buildings in defiance of the approaching columns. Unfortunately though, Colbert's cavalry brigade fell back in Sauve qui Peut! This was an inopportune time to open up the French right flank.
At this point, French columns attacked the left-hand town sector, suffering severe musket fire. In the ensuing melee, the French infantry was forced back in Disorder.
On the Austrian right flank, the Tirailleurs du Po continued to engage Austrian skirmishers in the woods, while French columns maneuvered to envelope the flank, and was promptly met by supporting Austrian infantry. French casualties in this sector were beginning to add up. Meanwhile, Colbert successfully rallied the French cavalry and threw them back into action against the confident Hapsburg horse.
By this time, GdB Ficatier's brigade swung into action, attacking the right sector of the village, but suffering the same fate as the previous attack. Although worn down, the beleagured Austrians held onto the town, denying the French access to the crossroads. On the Austrian left, the Grenzers and cavalry advanced, with the Chevaulegers trouncing the French Hussars, throwing Colbert's brigade into Demoralization. On Turn 10, with attacks against the village failing, and the French right vulnerable, the decision was made to retire from the field. The battle was an Austrian victory ! Approximate casualties were 1,300 French to 400 Austrians. General de Division Claparede had indeed suffered a bloody nose !

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