Sunday, January 29, 2017

Napoleonic Spanish Troops

The Spanish troops throughout the Napoleonic Wars had a reputation of incompetence and cowardice with only a few successes versus the French. But in reality, although the Spanish leadership was often incredibly poor, Spanish soldiers fought as hard for their country as any other nationality. Spanish infantry, when led well, proved to be very courageous, while the artillery was particularly stubborn in holding a position. The Spanish cavalry proved pretty poor most of the time though.

The fact that the Spanish hung in there and continued to fight the French on the field, while waging a guerilla war at the same time proved to be a major factor in the ultimate defeat of Napoleon.

The Spanish often fought with their British allies as well as independently against the French. Although most of the time the French were victorious over the Spaniards, there were some bright moments. The Spanish victory at Bailen cannot be understated, while the Spanish troops that died where they stood on the ridge at Albuera allowed the British to counterattack and push the French from the field.

Spanish Dragoons

Spanish Heavy Cavalry

Spanish Light Cavalry

Spanish Artillery

Spanish 1st Brigade

Spanish 2nd Brigade

Spanish 3rd Brigade

Spanish 4th Brigade

Spanish 5th Brigade

Spanish Skirmishers

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