Sunday, January 1, 2017

Napoleonic British Troops

The British during the Napoleonic Wars were the Emperor's most consistent opponent, either through the funding of the continental powers or by the power of the Royal Navy, if not always in land combat.

During the Peninsular War, the British under Arthur Wellesley landed in Portugal in 1808 and never left the continent until the Emperor Napoleon's eventual abdication in 1814. During the Hundred Days campaign of 1815, British troops fought alongside Prussians, Brunswickers, Nassauers, Hanoverians, Dutch and Belgians in order to defeat the French at Waterloo.

Either in Spain or in Belgium, British armies were small yet very professional. The British almost always had to be supported by allies in order to counter the larger French armies. But in the end, the British infantry and cavalry had earned the reputation of being among the most effective troops in the Napoleonic wars.

British Artillery

British Hussars

British Light Dragoons

British Dragoons

British 1st Infantry Brigade

British 2nd Infantry Brigade

British 3rd Infantry Brigade

British 4th Infantry Brigade

British 5th Infantry Brigade

British 6th Infantry Brigade

British Light Infantry Skirmishers and Riflemen

British leaders

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