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Napoleonic Brunswick Troops

Duchy of Brunswick

The Duchy of Brunswick was ruled by Charles William Ferdinand until his death on the battlefield of Auerstadt in 1806. After the Jena campaign of 1806, Brunswick was absorbed into the newly formed Kingdom of Westphalia and, essentially, ceased to exist. Charles' son, Frederick William, assumed the title of ruler and offered his small division of troops as an ally of Austria in the 1809 campaign. Incensed with a strong hatred of Napoleon and the French, Frederick William was determined to fight Napoleon at any cost. After the Austrian capitulation following the Battle of  Znaim, Frederick William marched north to meet British ships in order to evacuate Germany. After a small battle at Olper on August 1st, 1809, in which the Brunswick troops effectively fought a much larger force of Westphalian conscripts to a draw, Frederick William successfully marched to meet the British after the Westphalians withdrew.

Until 1815, the Brunswick troops came to be known as "the black Brunswickers" and honorably fought with Wellington's troops in the Peninsular campaign in Spain.

During the 1815 campaign, Frederick William commanded a full division of Brunswick troops at Quatre Bras, but sadly met his end on that fateful field. The "black Brunswickers" continued to fight at Waterloo and proved to be a reliable ally to the British on that day.

All of my Napoleonic figures can be used for both General de Brigade and Carnage and Glory 2. I enjoy both systems for different reasons so I have deviated from the very specific basing that General de Brigade calls for, and opted for a generic style of basing.

Brunswick Artillery

Brunswick Hussars and Uhlans

Brunswick Jagers

Brunswick 1st Brigade of Infantry

Brunswick 2nd Brigade of Infantry

Brunswick commanders

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