Saturday, July 16, 2016

Historicon 2016 Recap in Fredericksburg, Virginia

Historicon 2016 is just about over now, running from July 14-17 at the Fredericksburg Convention Center located in beautiful Fredericksburg, Virginia. Speaking for myself, I have had a great time ! We are in the middle of a crushing heat wave, but the Convention Center has done a great job keeping all attendees comfortable. Food, drink, and activities are plentiful. I know there are more than a few grumblings from our northern friends over the commute, but as a southerner, this has been an outstanding experience (and only a 2 hour drive). Nearby hotels have been more than adequate and very comfortable.  In addition to the convention, shuttles are provided to check out the nearby battlefields of Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, and Chancellorsville. If you've never been to downtown Fredericksburg, you are missing out on one of America's most charming towns.

As for attendance, I don't have access to actual data, but the convention seems packed ! The parking lot has been consistently full and there is little room for maneuver (especially in the flea market). The vendor hall looked well attended (although some vendors were not impressed - others flirted with record-breaking sales). In particular, my buddy Doug Kline of Battlefield Terrain Concepts has had a tremendous show (congratulations) ! His outstanding terrain is top-flite product (and, I noticed, graced many of the tables throughout the gaming rooms).

Store front for Doug Kline's Battlefield Terrain Concepts, located in the vendor hall

A couple more shots of the vendor hall

As for the games, this year's crop has been very impressive. There have been several noteworthy events with outstanding terrain and extraordinarily-painted figures. The most notable games for me personally were the "Charge of the Light Brigade" game and the "Battle of Bailen, 1808" game utilizing Carnage and Glory 2.

Charge of the Light Brigade, Crimean War

British Light Cavalry on the advance

Russians in square, Crimean War

Bailen, 1808, French vs Spanish using Carnage and Glory 2

Another shot of the Bailen 1808 game

So, in summary, Historicon 2016 has been a great success for me. My son and I had a great time accumulating wargaming treasure (oops...I blew my budget....nothing new though) and the games we participated in were fun, boisterous, and lighthearted. I can't wait until next year !

So, in no particular order, here are some pictures of what I consider the highlights of games being played at Historicon 2016.

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